Industrial battery chargers, power supplies and
DC control systems for engines, industrial power generation and pump systems

Computronic Controls industrial battery chargers, power supplies and DC control systems - click to enlargeComputronic Controls specialise in the design and manufacture of industrial battery chargers, power supplies and control equipment. Computronic chargers and control systems are designed for utmost reliability in applications such as standby and emergency power generators, industrial and fire pumps, electric vehicles and mobile equipment, telecoms and medical/healthcare applications.

Our DC power products range from standard, compact battery chargers and power supplies, through to wall-mounted and bespoke systems to customer requirements. Our chargers include advanced features that maximize the performance, reliability and lifetime of your batteries and critical standby DC power systems.

Computronic Controls is part of the Enovation Controls group. We have a history of reliability, with products designed to meet the highest durability standards. Many of our products meet OEM and third party standards, including the demanding UL1236 and NFPA110 standards. Customer needs drive our research, development and forward-thinking innovation. To meet market changes, we constantly create new solutions, improve our existing products and maximize our manufacturing efficiency.

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Sentinel 150P switch mode battery charger, programmable for lead-acid, Ca-Ca, VRAL, Gel, AGM and NiCd batteries
Sentinel 150P
OEM configurable switch mode battery charger. More>